Sunday, 21 December 2014

Vinegar Workshop Berlin

Edible Alchemy – The Canadian established fermentation-skill-share team has made its way to Berlin and joined forces with Trial&Error this December in a ‘Pro-biotic Vinegar Workshop’. Trial&Error is an NGO focusing on Up-Cycling, Re-fashing and community creations in Berlin. At this workshop, participants learnt about pro-biotics, healthy bacteria’s and yeasts, and how we can use these natural microbes on our fruit to create something good for our bodies.

We used the surplus, extra-ripened fruit from Trial&Error’s weekly fruit-share to create unique fruit vinegars, which participants took home to continue the fermentation process and watch the bubbling magic happen!

Delicious pro-biotic snacks and drinks were eaten and great discussion made. Eyes were opened to the world of fermentation.

Keep your eyes open for the next ‘Pro-biotic Vinegar Workshop’ coming up at Trial&Error January 2015.

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